For new or experienced dog owners, our classes offer something for everyone.
Classes are taught at The Playground Dog Daycare and Kennels and run for 4 or 7 weeks:
– 7 week classes cost $110.
– 4 week classes cost  $65.

Registration is required for all classes.  Click on the class for which you wish to register.

Class descriptions are below.

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Class Descriptions

Getting Started: Obedience –  This is our introductory obedience class designed for dogs over 6 months of age (no age limit). This class will focus on basic obedience skills as well as work on some impulse control and challenges you may be facing in your ever day life. Whether your goal is to move into sports or to just have a companion you enjoy, this class will work towards getting you and your dog to become a great team.
Prerequisite: No previous experience required.

Just for Fun Tricks –  This four week class will work on a variety of fun tricks – tricks taught will be dependent on the skills of the dogs in the class.
Prerequisite: Dogs must have the ability to work well around other dogs.

Impulse Control – Impulse control is all about patience. Does your dog have issues with the following: jumping up, pulling on the leash, food grabbing, pushing through doors and gates? Or any other “pushy” behaviour? Then this class is for you! This class runs for four weeks.
Prerequisite: No previous experience required.  Open to dogs of all ages.

Puppy Class –  For puppies 3 – 6 months of age. Training, socializing, exploring are vital to your puppy becoming a well-rounded adult dog. In this class learn all the skills to start your puppy off on a wonderful and well-adjusted life.
Prerequisite: No previous experience required.

Sport Sampler –  Not sure what games are out there for you and your dog to play? Not sure which one might be the one for you? Our sport sampler class will give you a taste of the current top sports to help you decide where your and your dog’s passions may lie.
Prerequisite: Dogs must be able to work well around other dogs, a beginner obedience class would be ideal but not necessary.

Walking in the Same Direction –  This class will be taking to the outdoors.  It will work on building skills to have a reduced stress, enjoyable, loose leash walk between you and your canine companion.
Prerequisite: Dogs should ideally first have a beginner obedience class or impulse control class.